One of my best purchases in a long time! Love this clock!

I’ve never kept a clock in my bathroom, and as a result always found myself losing the time and running late in the morning (I know, that’s my own bad habit.) finally I had the*genius* idea to put a clock in my bathroom but I don’t have much counter space or an extra AC outlet to plug one into so it wasn’t working out. Finally I found this battery-powered (yes!), waterproof(yes!!) clock that I could just stick to the wall on my mirror (triple yes!). I even use the countdown feature to make sure I get out the door on time. I loved it so much I got a second to put inside my actual shower (I used to hang a watch over the towel rack to keep time) and I couldn’t be happier. Super stylish and easy to use. Whenever guests come by they want to know where they can get one and are stunned by the reasonable price. Love it!

A must if you have teenagers showering in your home

This clock is saving my water bill (and the environment) . I have two teenagers in the house and they were taking 20-minute showers! I got this clock for them and started it at 12 minutes, after a week we lowered it to 10 minutes. Now they race to be done before the timer goes off.

S. Brown

 Love ability to turn off clock face light and use only projection

I want my bedroom dark. You can turn off the clock face light and use only the red projection on the wall or ceiling. It is clear and yet not at all intrusive.
It is vexing trying to follow the minimal and limited "set up chart" included in the box. I called the Baldr help line 866-652-4418. A very patient and knowledgeable assistant took me slowly through all the steps to set time, date, temperature, and alarm modes. She spoke slowly and was very easily understood. Go straight to the help line. I had to leave a call back number, but they called me shortly. I rate the attention they gave me as excellent.

Sandra L

 BALDR Electricity Monitor. Best unit for the price. FORGET "KILL-A-WATT"

Really great price for a great peice of equipment! I mostly purchased this item to test Wattage of various equipment. I originally looked at The original "Kill-A-Watt". As it's a very popular instrument for telling Voltage, Wattage, Amps.. Lately, the Original had terrible reviews! Apparently, the newer one's not what the Original Kill-a-Watt was. MANY REVIEWS FOR THIS SAY "GREAT"! LIKE THE ORIGINAL "KILL-A-WATT!"!! AND I'M PLENTY SATISFIED SO FAR!

T Turk


Have owned two other major brands and this one is the best so far. Clear bright display, well made not cheap looking, accurate and strong signal over 75 foot away. Bought one to see how it went and ended up buying two more to replace competitors units. Note that other reviews say the display won't stay on and you have to push the top button. This is only true if you don't use the AC adapter. With the adapter the display stays on and can be seen from across the room.


Best Weather Station Yet!

Very Quick Delivery. Excellent Product. Now I've been using it for awhile and it's the best one I've ever owned. So easy to read across a room. In color too, which is really nice.

S Stauffer

Better buy, less complex to set up

WOW So quick and easy to set up. Far superior to the other brand that only lasted one year...and we had three so we know for sure. Looks great, measures accurately, and comes with a great warranty. The cost of the new Baldr plus extension was still less than we formerly paid. So glad to have the Baldr!

M Rivard

Get Weather and Rain Reports Indoors, Easily

This Baldr Weather Station is small and very well-designed. Besides an added rain gauge, it has all the bells and whistles of larger, older brands.
If you are getting your local weather reports online or from TV they may not be specific to your front door. The most accurate outdoor temperature for you is right at your doorstep. Of course humidity and indoor temperatures are reported on this Baldr Wireless Weather Station.
The only tricky part is setting it up so your household wireless connection can read the outdoor sensor and deliver the information to your indoor screen. That may require some fiddling around to find the best, secure spot for the little rain collector as well as the sensor.
The instructions are clear --in several languages besides English-- and the small drawings make setting up easy to do.

PD Budd


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