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BALDR Atomic Wireless Weather Station with Indoor Outdoor Thermometer & Hygrometer

BALDR Atomic Wireless Weather Station with Indoor Outdoor Thermometer & Hygrometer

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Pairing with up to three remote sensors, this weather station clock can tell you the real-time temperature and humidity levels of up to four locations at its elegant bright LCD screen. It displays precise information on the current indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity levels and records the day’s highs and lows for temperature and humidity. It also shows the weather forecast for the next 12-24 hours of your location based on the local weather data collected. Time, calendar, and alarm features are also built-in for your convenience. Atomic RCC receiving ensures you are always getting the most accurate time. Its large bright blue sky background and white backlight make viewing super easy. Depending on your preference, you can adjust the brightness to 100%, 50%, or Off. This device has a built-in kickstand and hanging slot so that you can put it anywhere you want.

  • SIMPLE TO SETUP AND EVEN EASIER TO USE: Once powering up the station & putting in the batteries, the sensors & main unit will start to synchronize within 2-3 minutes. Then it will start searching for the atomic radio signal for an accurate time/month/date/weekday display. All keys are conveniently located by the side, allowing you to set up or check data quickly. 
  • KNOW WHAT KIND OF WEATHER IS HEADED YOUR WAY: Weather forecast icons will display after power on. There are five kinds of weather: Sunny, Sunny to Cloudy, Cloudy, Rainy, and Snowy. These are based on the hourly calculations of indoor/outdoor temperature, humidity, and a built-in barometer. It shows you the local forecast for the NEXT 12-24 hours so that you can stay prepared. With a built-in cell battery, the weather station memorizes all your data & settings in case of any power outage.
  • BRIGHT DISPLAY FOR EASY READING: With its vibrant blue sky background,  you get a clear view of your weather data, even from a distance. You can select brightness from 100%, 50%, or OFF. The white backlight stays on continuously and can be adjusted to 3 levels of brightness by touching the top “Snooze/Light” key.
  • BUILT-IN BACKUP BATTERY - The weather station clock is powered by supplied AC adaptor. It also includes a built-in CR2032 cell battery to store the time and alarm settings if the power is interrupted. With this memory function, you will have peace of mind knowing that your pre-settings will remain once power resumes. A low battery sign will appear when it is time to replace the cell battery for your convenience.
  • VIEW TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY LEVELS FOR UP TO 4 LOCATIONS: This wireless weather station includes one remote sensor that lets you view humidity and temperature readings for one location of your choosing — In addition to the indoor temperature & humidity. It can also pair up to two extra sensors to monitor two additional areas (sensors available to purchase separately). These sensors can be placed up to 100 meters (328 feet) away from the central unit.
  • USE THIS WEATHER STATION ANYWHERE: This ultra-slim atomic weather station includes a kickstand and hanging slot so that you can put it anywhere you would like. It's the perfect addition to your living room, bedroom, office, greenhouse, tent, and more! All keys are conveniently located by the side, perfect for wall hanging. It is easier to check the Max/Min temperatures for the past day, switch between Celsius & Fahrenheit, turn on/off the alarm, or adjust between 12/24 hours.

Item Size

6.30"Lx0.75"W x 4.52"H (160x19x115mm)


Net 12 oz, Gross 14 oz


Black / White

Power Supply

Main:  AC adaptor (US Plug ONLY)

Sensor:  2xAA batteries (not included)

Input Voltage 100-240V 50/60HZ
Output Voltage


Indoor temperature range

14℉~122℉( -10℃~50℃)

Outdoor temperature range -40℉~140℉(-40℃~60℃)
Indoor/Outdoor humidity range


Cell battery included CR2032 (Back up memory only)

Package Contains


1 x B0359WST2H2P Atomic Weather Station

1 x AC/DC adaptor (US Plug)

1 x Remote Sensor

1 x User Manual 




Manual Download Here!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mary Louise Porter


William Balwanz

Placement is critical. A wire shelf blocks the WWVB signal. With proper placement, time keeping is perfect. Excellent display.

For the low cost works OK

For $30 you do not expect a lot, but it is better than other brands I have tested doing the same functions
Basic setup is easy, and the main unit connects to the remote weather sensor as in my case located it outside

Making the custom setting is a bit tougher as the user's manual is somewhat complex, but you can set through it at any time once you have used this and see how it functions

The main unit which has the screen is large enough to see some feet away as it is in color and there is a button to press to change the brightness from low to high or off.

One negative is the unit must be plugged into an A/C 120 volt plug, which may limit where you want to locate the unit
But on the positive side because it is not on a battery allowed the screen to be brighter
I placed the main unit right next to my desktop P/C and no functional issues in doing that

Another negative is this is marketed as a function that reports "future Forecast" but if you look at the image I included look at the upper left side where all this future forecast is shows like a sun, clouds, partly cloudy images but nothing else, does not show forecast like what the humidity, or temperature will be
This updates those images slowly over the day, but too late as you simply have to look out a window at anytime to see if sunny or not

The remote weather probe is simple to sync up with the main unit by selecting one of 3 channels and then setting the main unit for the same channel number

I did have a few questions on setup and emailed seller directly, and they did reply back within a few hours

Go Joe
Great appearance and workmanship

This looks like a great little device. I like everything about it so far. It totally sets itself up and goes to work all automatically. When I first plugged it in it was on the wrong time zone and the wrong calendar year. Within a few minutes it somehow figured out what time zone it was in... no idea how it figured that out. It was on the 2000 year calendar also. That changed itself to the right calendar within a couple minutes as well. Of course it also got all the other information it needed either over the WiFi or by radio signals. I really like that it shows the relative humidity for both indoors and outdoors. Indoor/outdoor thermometers have a tendency to interfere with each other when there are more than one around. This is a condo... and there are several in the area. My other indoor/outdoor unit often gets shut down, or loses contact with the outdoor transmitter and has to have the batteries taken out and put back in to reset it. So far that has not happened to this BALDR unit. The backlight is a great feature! I like that it shows both indoor and outdoor humidity as well. Having a power supply and not needing batteries in the indoor unit is also economical and convenient. I would definitely recommend this nice little device to anyone who wants such a unit. I haven't seen anything nearly as nice as this. The instructions looked a little complicated... but, I soon realized that I didn't need them much at all! It knows what to do!

Alfredo Aguilar
Very hard to read

The “weather station” works just fine but it’s so hard to read if I’m not close to it , even close to it if I’m not in the right angle (looking at the unit below my eye level) it’s hard to read it. :(

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