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RainPoint Wi-Fi App-Controlled Indoor Watering Timer, Solar Panel Powered Pump, Rain Delays, Smart Scheduling for House Plants While You are Away, Includes Mini Wifi Gateway Hub

RainPoint Wi-Fi App-Controlled Indoor Watering Timer, Solar Panel Powered Pump, Rain Delays, Smart Scheduling for House Plants While You are Away, Includes Mini Wifi Gateway Hub

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Great Ideal For Your Indoor Plant Pots

Introducing our innovative watering system, designed to elevate your gardening experience. With remote control capabilities via your smartphone, you can effortlessly manage your plant's hydration needs from anywhere, ensuring it receives the perfect amount of water, even when you're miles away. Say farewell to the tedious chore of manual watering, as our intelligent water pump automates the irrigation process, precisely adhering to your preset schedule. Harness the power of the sun with our high-efficiency solar panel, reducing energy costs while keeping your system running smoothly. Our smart rain delay function conserves water by adapting to changing weather conditions. Plus, our system's unique design delivers water directly to the roots, promoting healthier and more robust growth while conserving this precious resource. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a beginner, our user-friendly DIY setup makes installation a breeze, ensuring precise control for your indoor and outdoor gardens. Experience the future of efficient, eco-conscious plant care with our all-in-one watering solution. Your plants will thrive, and you'll enjoy the convenience of a worry-free watering system.

  • REMOTE CONTROL FOR CONVENIENT WATERING: Use your smartphone to control your watering schedule from anywhere. It's easy to adjust settings and keep an eye on your plants, even when you're not at home, ensuring they get just the right amount of water.
  • AUTOMATIC WATERING SAVES TIME: No need for manual watering anymore! Our smart water pump takes care of it for you. It waters your plants exactly as you want, following your schedule without you having to do it yourself.
  • ENERGY SAVINGS WITH SOLAR POWER: Take advantage of the sun's energy! Our water pump has a special solar panel that not only helps the environment but also cuts down on your energy bills. And if it's cloudy or in low light conditions, you can still charge it easily using the supplied USB cable.
  • SMART RAIN DELAY FOR WATER CONSERVATION: Let nature help you save water. You can set a rain delay so that when it's already raining, your system won't overwater your plants. It's a clever way to be water-efficient during wet weather.
  • HEALTHY PLANTS WITH DEEP ROOT WATERING: Treat your plants to the best care! Our system delivers water right to their roots, making them grow strong and healthy. It also saves water by avoiding shallow watering methods. Your plants will thrive with this approach.
  • USER-FRIENDLY DIY SETUP: Our starter kit includes everything you need for easy installation, making it perfect for beginners and offering precise control of your houseplants, even when you're on vacation.

Item Size

6.5" x 6" x 5.5"


2.3 lbs

Power Supply USB or Solar Panel
Watering Frequency every 1-24 hours, every 1-7 days
Watering Time 1-60 seconds, 1-30 minutes

Package Contains

  • 1 x Wi-Fi Water Pump Timer
  • 1 x Mini Wifi Gateway Hub
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x 10m (32.8 Ft) 1/4" Tubing
  • 10 x Micro Drip Emitters
  • 10 x T Barb Fitting
  • 3 x Cross Barb Fitting
  • 3 x Straight Barb Fitting
  • 1 x Filter
  • 3 x tubing End caps



Manual Download Here!

Customer Reviews

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Easy to use app and no problems setting it up. I like the solar panel, haven't come across this before. Usually, these outside watering things use batteries or need to be recharged every few days to a week so the solar panel is a real game changer. Now all I need to worry about is keeping the big water bin filled. Very nice.


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Can the pump be placed on the floor and pump water to a window or even higher?

For proper pump operation, ensure it is not positioned lower than or more than 500cm above the tank level.

Can the solar pump control the amount of water each plant receives differently?

The pump can not control the amount of water to each plant but water volume can be controlled by the drip tip planted into the soil.

How long is your warranty time?

As with other products in our store, we offer a 12-month manufacturer warranty.

Can I add nutrients to the water?

The water can hold liquid melted nutrient solution, and the water inlet has a strainer that will filter out impurities.

Is the internet gateway included and what is the requirement?

Yes, the mini wifi gateway hub is included for you to set up without any additional purchases. If you have an existing RainPoint hub with other RP devices, you will not need to use the included hub and save it for future use or another location. Please note that RainPoint devices only support 2.4 GHz WiFi.

Does the solar water pump has to be placed near a window, or can it be located anywhere in the house to function properly?

Our Solar Water Pump can be powered using either the solar panel or the included USB cable. For optimal performance, we recommend placing the solar panel in direct sunlight indoors, such as near a window. If this is not feasible, you can use the USB cable as a backup to ensure the pump operates reliably, especially when you are away.

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