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BALDR Waterproof Shower Clock with Timer for Bathroom - Wall Mounted LCD Clock Displays Time, Temperature & Indoor Relative Humidity

BALDR Waterproof Shower Clock with Timer for Bathroom - Wall Mounted LCD Clock Displays Time, Temperature & Indoor Relative Humidity

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This digital clock with a touch screen timer, thermometer, and hygrometer is both elegant and stylish. It is presented in a beautiful box that will surely delight anyone. Ideal for keeping track of time while showering, cooking in the kitchen, studying in the office, monitoring classroom time, or simply timing a recreational workout. It’s perfect for observing the indoor temperature and humidity, and its modern design and functionality will certainly be appreciated! The shower timer clock is compact, lightweight, portable, and convenient, which makes it perfect for any occasion.

• Easy to read time display
• 12/24 hour time mode options
• Indoor temperature display with F/C
• Indoor relative humidity display
• One strong suction cup attached to a smooth surface
• The timer shower clock can stand alone on a shelf or be hung on a wall.
• Waterproof and ideal for your bathroom (make sure the rear cover is securely sealed)
• Power supply: 2xAAA Battery (Not included).

Item Size  4.16”Lx1.63”Wx4.32”H (105.7*41.5*109.7mm)
Weight Net 175g, Gross 200g
Color Black/Blue/Green/White
Package Contains 1pcx B0007TH Digital Clock; 1x Instruction Manual

Manual Download Here!

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Bea W.
Not Perfect, but Still Really Good

Got as a gift from my boyfriend 3 years ago, because I have ADHD and zone out really badly in the bathroom/shower. Looked for a waterproof shower clock-timer many years before and couldn't find anything on the market back then. This was exactly the kind of thing I'd been dreaming of, and I can't remember the last time I was so stoked over a birthday gift. If you have ADHD or time management problems in general, I would highly recommend something like this. The waterproofing works well, the interface is simple and convenient, the alarm is nice and LOUD (but will turn itself off after a minute or two if you forget to turn it off and find yourself on the other side of the house when it rings), and the design is super cute and doesn't take up a ton of space for having such a big, clear display.

Here's my findings on how it holds up over time:
Still works well enough and I still use it after three years. The display was never bright (no backlighting, definitely not meant for unlit night conditions), but if you are going to use it in the bathroom, it might get soap scum on it over time and make it even less legible in glare conditions, or when viewed from an angle. This can of course be easily fixed by wiping it down every once in a while. The timer function, display, and waterproofing work just as well as ever. The front buttons are finnicky now, though, so sometimes it won't register your touch if you are trying to turn the timer on or off. This isn't the end of the world, since the timer will stop on its own eventually, even if the cancel button is temporarily unresponsive. The suction cup was never amazing. I have had the clock fall off mirrors and shower walls multiple times since the very beginning, but it does help a little if you make sure all surfaces are very clean from dust or soap first, and then wet the suction cup rim down just a bit before pressing it into the wall. Also, I think it's removable, so you might be able to replace it with a better one if you want. Personally, I have a tiny soap shelf in the corner of my shower that I stand the clock on with it's kickstand these days, which works fine for me. Finally, I don't know if this is an issue that gets worse with the age of the clock, or whether it is always like this, but the clock does run very slightly slow. Over the course of a year, I might find it has become five or ten minutes late to the actual time. If you live somewhere with daylight saving's time, and you have the good habit of changing all your clocks rather than just doing the math in your head, you will probably find you are resetting the time often enough not to notice an issue. Otherwise, I would definitely recommend checking it against another clock at least once a year to make sure it is still accurate.
At the end of the day, I would still buy this again (I'm actually here to get one for my other bathroom) and I would definitely recommend it to a friend, too.

Gwen Harper
Design flaw: Love the clock but suction cup failed

A serious design flaw in an otherwise excellent product. Having read other reviews about the suction cup, I was very careful to have a clean, soap-free surface underneath and took real care to stick it well to the shower wall. It stayed up for 3 months, then fell down in the middle of the night, smashing the digital screen. Still seems to work (well it beeps at odd times!) but the screen unreadable. It has to be a design flaw - even with only a gentle touch needed to push the buttons, doing this daily must have been be enough to gradually break the suction. Such a shame, and no warranty/refund from the retailer. Really disappointed, and will be sharing this review on other sites so others don't waste their money or don't at least use it in the shower - which is what it is supposed to be designed for! Very frustrating.

Sorry the shower clock did not meet your expectations! Please contact our customer support and we will make it right. Thanks for your honest review!

Baldr support team

Henrik Strandberg
suction cup sucks (no, not in a good way)

The clock itself is fine and I'm esp happy with the timer function (my daughters spend hours in the shower...), but sadly, it doesn't stick to the tile in my bathroom, even after thorough cleaning. It stays up for ~half hour, then crashes down into the tub, which really scares the cat. Also, worried it will break.

David Hecht
Great bathroom clock

The timer function is great for those mornings when you need to get going NOW. Easy to use. Size is just right.

Melissa Bolotaolo
Great clock, not so great suction cup

The clock works great! Easy to see digital face, easy to press buttons which is super important when all wet in the shower. The suction cup is not so great. The device fell within a few minutes of application even after slightly wetting it and a bit more finagling. I wouldn't trust the high quality clock with such a bad suction cup. Otherwise the product works just as advertised! Overall happy with my purchase.

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