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BALDR Kitchen Timer, Digital Timer for Kids, Magnetic Countdown Count Up Timer with Large LED

BALDR Kitchen Timer, Digital Timer for Kids, Magnetic Countdown Count Up Timer with Large LED

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The digital magnetic kitchen timer is designed to see the clear white digits on the black background easily. The digital timer is easy to operate with one hand and automatically enters power-saving mode 5 seconds after pausing/stopping. It has a 3-level alarm sound from silent to 90dB, loud enough to hear the alarm from another room. It also has two powerful magnets on the back, which can easily place on the refrigerator and oven. Counts up and down with continuous readout,  BALDR kitchen timer is perfect for cooking, study, meeting, game, gym, BBQ, and classroom.

  • SIMPLE & QUIET: Turn the outer ring of the BALDR kitchen timer; the value will increase/decrease by a minimum unit of 5 seconds. When ready, press the lower/upper button on the screen to start or stop counting. Easy enough for kids or seniors with one-hand operation. There is no loud ticking, perfect for classroom, kitchen, meeting, or other activities.
  • EASY TO VIEW: Black screen and white numbers form a strong contrast. With the 3” large LED screen and oversize digits, the digital timer reduces the burden of your eyes and allows one to see the timer from any angle at a glance.
  • CONTINUOUS READOUT: In timer mode, the kitchen timer offers a constant display for you to follow the count-up / countdown time. While not in use, the screen will be shut down automatically to save power. It will be awakened with a simple press on the screen button. The timer is powered by 3x AA batteries (not included).
  • COUNT UP OR COUNTDOWN: The digital timer counts down from 99 minutes and 55 seconds to zero, or as a stopwatch, counts up from zero to 99 minutes and 55 seconds. With the powerful magnets on the back, you may place it on any iron surface, i.e., refrigerator or oven.
  • LOUD ALARM OR MUTE: The timer offers 3 levels of alarm from 0dB to 90dB to meet your different needs. The silent alarm is ideal for school, library, and office. Instead of loud beeping, the countdown timer’s screen will flash quietly, letting you know time is up.
  • Just twist the outside ring of the timer to set values, press the DOT to start counting down.  While used to count up, press the "Clear" button to zero it out, then press the DOT to start counting up. 
  • The digital timer can count down from 99 minutes and 55 seconds to zero, or as a stopwatch counting up from zero to 99 minutes and 55 seconds.
Item Size 4 x 3.7 x 1.5 inches
Weight 4 oz
Color Black / White
Package Contains  1 x B0362 Digital Twist Timer



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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
E. M. Young
Simple, effective timer

This simple timer is easy to set and operate. The setting dial is a bit sensitive, so it's quick to go from 0 to 55 minutes for that quick bread your making, but if you're not careful you'll set it for 55 min. 22 seconds. Easy enough to go back and forth to get it on the dot, but I've never found it that important.

The numbers on the face are nice and bright when you set it, but quickly go to dim, I guess to save power. This makes it a little hard to see how much time you have left if the timer is magnetically attached to your fridge and you're across the room. Starting and stopping it is easy by tapping the top or bottom of the face. The volume of the beeping can be adjusted and it's loud enough to hear from the living room. It also keeps the original time when it stops which is good if you're making burgers and want three minutes on a side. Clearing to 0 just takes another tap.

I think it's odd that it takes three AA cell batteries. Other timers tend to use just one (assuming it's not USB rechargeable). I don't know why it needs that much power, since, as I said, it's pretty simple. It also increases the weight, which may affect its stability when it's on the fridge door or whatever. All in all, though, a nice timer.

Excellent Alarm, Easy to Use, and Looks Good, Too

This reminds me of my old Kitchen Aid timer which I still have. This timer, however, is easier to set: twist clockwise to increase the timer value, and twist counterclockwise to decrease the timer value. And if you want to increase or decrease by minutes, just twist faster and the minutes will then increase or decrease. It's all very intuitive. I use this mostly as a Pomodoro timer for work, but I've used it just as effectively in the kitchen for recipes. The device seems robust enough to last. Whether you stick it to a refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, or just leave it on the desk or table you're working on, the twisting motion always works to set it. The minute numbers are about an inch in height and the seconds, about half. The alarm sound is controlled by a switch on the bottom of the unit: alarm off, soft alarm, and loud alarm. The only thing I would change about this alarm is to make the loud alarm sound louder and the soft alarm softer. As they are no, there's not too much difference between either sound. But that's simply my take, yours may be different. This is an excellent alarm, easy to use, and looks good besides.

Chris V
Excellent interface

The knob is intuitive, the last countdown memory is an excellent feature, I’ll use this mostly for coffee brewing so most of the time I need a four minute timer. The dial speed/time jump seems a little off, it is easy to shoot past the intended time, but no big deal to dial it back. The magnets and rubber on the back are great design. This is a nearly perfect design.

Debra Addison
Here’s the coolest refrigerator magnet ever!

As an artist, I need to keep track of my time and this magnetic timer works as a stopwatch to help me keep track of my project hours.

I love that it’s portable so I can move it from room to room. The big numbers let me clearly see how much time I’m investing in my tasks! Priced right and the design is sleek and modern.

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