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BALDR Dual Probe Digital Cooking Thermometer, Monitor Two Different Foods with Timer

BALDR Dual Probe Digital Cooking Thermometer, Monitor Two Different Foods with Timer

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BALDR digital dual-probe meat thermometer comes with two stainless steel probes that can be used to read TWO types of food simultaneously, making this device extremely convenient when rushing around cooking family dinner on Christmas or Thanksgiving. With the leave-in probe design and backlit clear LCD, receiving and reading an accurate temperature is simple even in the darkest conditions. Don't worry about losing track of time on those vegetables, as this cooking thermometer also contains a timer. Lastly, if you aren't a pro in the kitchen or need a little assistance, we include USDA preset temperatures with optional manual adjustment. Easy to use and store anywhere in the kitchen with kickstand, magnetic backing, and hanging hole.

  • MONITOR TWO MEAT SIMULTANEOUSLY: With two long stainless-steel probes (4.72in), this dual probe oven thermometer makes it easy to monitor the temperatures of two pieces of meat at the same time without swapping probes or using different devices. You may monitor both temperatures on one sizeable backlit LCD screen, in your choice of either Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • ACCURATE READOUT WITH ALERT: BALDR oven thermometer features a wide temp range of 14°F~572°F (-10°C~300°C) with ±1.8°F (±1°C) accuracy. The leave-in probe design alerts you within seconds when there is the slightest change in the meat temperature being monitored.
  • CLEAR DISPLAY WITH TIMER: This BALDR digital thermometer displays two temperatures from two different food. The big digits & warm white backlight make sure you can see temperatures from any angle. For your convenience, the food thermometer also serves as a timer that can count up/down up to 99h 59m.
  • COOK LIKE A PRO: BALDR dual probe thermometer has seven USDA pre-programmed meat cooking temperatures built-in. Now you can cook any meat to perfect degrees of doneness: rare, medium, or well done; pork, chicken, or steak. You can also adjust the set temperature manually. With its powerful magnet, kickstand, and hanging hole, the thermometer can be placed anywhere in the kitchen.
  • HI/LOW ALARM: Set up your desired food temperature & Hi/Low temp range for the oven, grill, BBQ, or smoker, the thermometer will alarm you if the temperature goes out of the set range. No more overcooked or undercooked dishes on the table!

Item Size

1.50 x 7.80 x 3.50 in

Weight 6 oz
Color Black
Package contains 1xB0373TH Food thermometer with 2 probes, 1x Instruction Manual 



Manual Download Here!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Andrea T
Decent probes with alarm - for long cook times

We like to cook roasts and BBQ some bigger cuts of meat with long cook times, and it is very helpful to have thermometers like this that have alarms that let us make sure we’re not ruining our dinner and wasting our money by over or under-cooking. Put the probe in your brisket, get it on the grill, and when the alarm sounds, you’ll know it's the temperature you want it! The nice thing about 2 probes is that you can check the temp in two places (like the thigh and breast on a chicken) or the temps of two different items. In the few times I’ve tried it, this 2-probe thermometer appeared to register a reasonably accurate temperature, and again, it has an alarm that goes off when your food meets your desired temp. The only note I’d make is that the probes are thick and will leave a pretty good-sized hole in your food. That doesn’t bother me personally, because I'm not using this thermometer to check my delicate dishes, but if that’s a consideration for you, you might like a thinner probe.

the knitting doctor
Works well, alarm is LOUD!

I ordered this turbo replace a similar thermometer I had a few years ago that broke. It is very helpful when cooking a large piece of meat, like a Thanksgiving turkey, have a thermometer that lets you monitor the temperature without having to open the oven repeatedly.
This one is much better than the previous one I owned. There are two probes, and a digital display is large and easy to read. There are idiot proof settings for a different cuts of meat, with photos to represent the different animals. I experimented with a chicken tonight, and it turned out great.
I decided to use both probes, and put one in the breast, and one in the leg. Almost immediately, I was getting an alert that the leg was over cooked, but it turns out I had pushed the probe all the way through the leg. I found that reassuring that the thermometer is picking up differences and the temperatures!
I do need to spend some time looking through the instruction, manual more thoroughly to make sure I understand the nuances in the settings.
I will feel much more confident this Thanksgiving cooking my turkey with this thermometer.

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