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BALDR Eco Power Socket US Meter - Counts Kw Per Hour - Plugs into Appliances, Measure Your Energy Usage - Cut Down on Costs

BALDR Eco Power Socket US Meter - Counts Kw Per Hour - Plugs into Appliances, Measure Your Energy Usage - Cut Down on Costs

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According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a significant portion of our electric bills - 20%, to be exact - can be attributed to devices that are either plugged in but not in use or in standby mode. To save on costs and determine which appliances are worth keeping plugged in, the BALDR Power Meter can be connected to your devices to assess their efficiency. This device features a large LCD display that shows consumption by kilowatts per hour, allowing you to monitor voltage, wattage, current strength, CO₂ usage, and more. By doing so, you can determine whether it's time to replace old appliances like air conditioners or refrigerators with newer, more energy-efficient models. In addition to reducing your home power bill, the BALDR Power Meter includes an overload warning feature to protect your valuables. Furthermore, it includes a built-in battery backup to save your electricity usage readings, cost readings, and all settings in the event of a power outage.

  • Large LCD display for easy viewing
  • Calculate electrical expenses and monitor voltage, wattage, current strength, CO₂ usage, and more
  • Features overload protection to warn against excessive electricity usage
  • Reset button to fix the display screen or button issues
  • Built-in battery backup saves electricity usage readings, cost readings, and settings during power outages.
For US Plug Technical Parameter
 Voltage: 125Vac/60Hz
Max load current: 15A
Max load power: 1875W
Package contains:1x Plug Energy Meter



Manual Download Here!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Thomas Harned
An Inexpensive Power Meter That Works

Found and used this power meter to determine how much phantom power was used by a new washing machine whose plug sparked every time it was plugged into the dedicated outlet, which was replaced by a new combination arc fault and ground fault circuit interrupting outlet. My concern was leaving an appliance plugged in to power while not being used, over concern the machine could develop an electrical short circuit and start a fire. I always unplug similar electrical appliances when not in use to minimize that chance. I found the power meter showed the washing machine was drawing approximately 7 watts of energy when plugged in, but not operating. Besides wasting this energy continuously, I was concerned over the unnecessary waste of electricity when the washing machine was not running, and the increased potential for an electrical malfunction. I transferred the startup load to a heavy-duty grounded power cord which was operated by an illuminated On-off switch, which has a higher current carrying capacity than the dedicated hard-wired circuit which feeds the outlet. I realize the switch is expendable, but am hoping the duration of it's use will be detected while the washing machine is running, instead of having the wiring or hard-wired circuit fail when we are not home. I am looking forward to using the power meter to measure power consumption of other appliances to determine the amount of electrical load and the true cost of operating them.

Bernard Szirth
Reliable tool to manage solar energy needs

It does what is says it will do and more! Nice surprise and easy to use right out of the box! My foetal was to measure the real time needs for solo at power needs on various items I wanted on a sailboat. It does not get any better.

Tim Turk
BALDR Electricity Monitor. Best unit for the price. FORGET "KILL-A-WATT". SEE REVIEWS!

Really great price for a great peice of equipment! I mostly purchased this item to test Wattage of various equipment. I originally looked at The original "Kill-A-Watt". As it's a very popular instrument for telling Voltage, Wattage, Amps.. Lately, the Original had terrible reviews! Apparently, the newer one's not what the Original Kill-a-Watt was. MANY REVIEWS FOR THIS SAY "GREAT"! LIKE THE ORIGINAL "KILL-A-WATT!"!! AND I'M PLENTY SATISFIED SO FAR!

Brent H
So far I love it.

Easy to use, convenient, love it. Took a few minutes to read instructions and hook it up. So far shows that my mini-fridge is using 25KWh/mo. Tomorrow will start a check on my big fridge, will need a 3' extension cord with a low profile plug since the outlet is right behind the fridge and the fridge is right up against the outlet.

I love that it has battery backup, an overload warning, and is so very convenient. All I want is KWh, but will also display amperes, volts, and energy cost (from the electricity rate you enter in it).

E. A. Jacques
Nice Meter - But Not Easy to Read the Display From an Angle

This is a nice meter and works well for reading the wattage consumed by devices. I bought this meter to check the wattage being used by the lights in my grow room. Before I had the meter I was just using the manufacture's numbers to determine if the wattage used was near the max for the 20 amp circuit I have feeding the lights. Those numbers turned out to not be very accurate.

I was not popping breakers, but to me that is not a good indicator. If a breaker does not pop you could still have an unsafe situation. Now I have a little peace of mind knowing I am operating within safe limits and I can move the lights around to ensure the load is balanced and not excessive on any one circuit. I just leave it plugged in with the light timer in the outlet so I get a total, including the timer, of the load on the main circuit I use for the lights in the grow tent.

I have two reasons why this light did not get five stars. The main one being it's not readable from even the slightest angle. So when I was going around my house checking various circuits I had to get down on my knees and be directly in front of the screen to see the numbers. And I mean directly in front. As little as maybe a 15 degree angle in any direction and you can't read the display. The second issue is they should have made the plug rotatable so you could flip it with the ground plug up or down. Some of the outlets in my house have the ground plug down and some up for various reasons, and as there is no code, at least not in Michigan, dictating the direction of the ground this should have been taken into consideration. Especially considering the display is difficult to read from an angle which just exacerbates the issue.

The meter has other features I do not use so I can't comment on them, but it does what I need it to do so I am happy with the purchase. If you are purchasing this meter to leave in one spot or check outlets every now and then, I can recommend it, however, if you are purchasing this meter to use for checking outlets on a daily basis, I would suggest you find one that has a better display.

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