What Are Shower Clocks?

What Are Shower Clocks?

Shower clocks are a particular kind of timepiece made for tracking time and managing water usage. Despite what the name might lead one to expect, it may be used outside and in the kitchen in addition to showering. Although some models have extra features, most shower clocks are made with a wide screen display that shows the temperature, time, date, and humidity data. Overall, using shower clocks properly would undoubtedly help you lower your water expenses, so it is not surprising that they are widely used in many households and establishments throughout the world.

Features of the Perfect Shower Clock

The perfect shower clock exists - you only have to look closer. You can start by checking out the list of determinants of shower clock quality below: 

Water resistance

It's a shower clock, so chances are it'll take on a lot of water. For this reason, the ideal shower clock must be waterproof or at least splashproof to protect it from water damage. Of course, you can always check the product description or reach out to the manufacturer to confirm this. 

The shower doesn't sound like a place where dust will be an issue. However, you may need to remove your shower clock from the bathroom from time to time, and you don't want dust or other debris to damage it. Choose a dust-resistant shower clock, and you'll be able to take it anywhere without worry.


Many shower clocks, usually those of poor quality, record time inaccurately. Some of them may go off randomly or miss a couple of seconds before alerting you. Either way, it's best to steer clear of such products, for obvious reasons. 

One of the best ways to choose an accurate shower clock is by going for trusted brands in the business or at least avoiding the cheap ones. An accurate shower clock may be expensive, but it'll be worth every penny in the long run. 

Operational ease

One of the best qualities of any product is how easy it is to operate, and the same applies to these shower timers. Some units, which you'll do well to avoid, come with multiple buttons and a general design that can be quite confusing. 

The thing is, when it comes to shower clocks, simplicity is gold, and that's what you should look out for. So, before picking up a shower clock, ensure that it comes with a minimal number of buttons without limiting functionality, and the buttons are located where you can easily reach and control them. 


Shower clocks come in two major display formats: Digital and Analog. Here, choosing what's best boils down to preference; however, you should likely stick to digital shower clocks. This is because they are relatively easier to calibrate and read; plus, some units have multiple functions that analog units don't typically feature. 


A couple of things determine the durability of shower clocks, one of which is water-resistant. A water-resistant shower clock is immune to the damage water and other fluids inflict on electronic gadgets, enhancing durability. 

Another major element that influences durability is the material of the shower clock. Some of the best shower clocks on the market are made of heavy-duty PVC and shatterproof glass, which is a premium durability combo worth considering. Alternatively, you can go for aluminum shower clocks. 

Temperature and humidity display

While we agree that shower clocks are great just checking water usage, you should be aware that they are capable of much more. That's why we recommend shower clocks with accurate temperature and humidity readings and displays. These features may appear to be superfluous at the moment, but they may come in handy someday. 


Everyone cares about aesthetics, and we want to believe you do too. So, choose shower clocks that stand out or blend in perfectly with your interior decor. These clocks are available in a variety of shapes, colors, and designs, so don't limit yourself to the basics - get creative!

Alarm volume

It's pointless to buy a shower clock if you won't be able to hear the alarm when it goes off. That's why you have to ensure that the alarm volume of a shower clock is loud enough, even when water is running. A shower clock's alarm volume becomes even more crucial if it is intended for someone with hearing disabilities. You might be able to test this feature when you're making the purchase. 

Mounting technique

This goes without saying, but shower clocks don't hang mid-air. They come with accessories that allow users to attach them to surfaces, the most common of which are suction cups, holes, and stands. It's best to choose models that come with at least two mounting accessories; this way, you'll be able to use them in a variety of settings. For example, suction cups are best for mounting on windows, holes are great for wall mounting, and stands are best for cabinets and tables.

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