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Rainpoint Sprinkler and Hose Timer, WiFi Water Timer for Lawn Sprinkler, Smart Sprinkler Timer for Garden Hose Faucet, Wireless Control via WiFi Hub Socket, Smart Automatic Irrigation Timer

Rainpoint Sprinkler and Hose Timer, WiFi Water Timer for Lawn Sprinkler, Smart Sprinkler Timer for Garden Hose Faucet, Wireless Control via WiFi Hub Socket, Smart Automatic Irrigation Timer

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Rainpoint WiFi water timer provides a smart, convenient, and efficient way to water your garden and maintain your landscape no matter the size. Our smart WiFi water sprinkler timer automatically turns on the sprinklers and irrigation system in your lawn or garden according to pre-programmed settings or via an app. The Rainpoint sprinkler timer has a Wi-Fi hub where you can program the timer according to your desired watering schedule. You can also control the smart timer via the app, which gives you maximum control over your yard's sprinklers. You can program how each zone in your garden is watered. These plant watering devices help prevent watering too little or too much, so your landscape can stay vibrant!


  • AUTOMATIC SPRINKLER AND IRRIGATION SYSTEM WITH APP CONTROL: Easily connect our 1-Zone WiFi Sprinkler Timer to 2.4Ghz WiFi, then you can program your watering schedule through the RAINPOINT APP anytime, anywhere. With the intuitive APP UI, you will find programming the sprinklers and irrigation system in your lawn or garden so simple and straightforward. Please note this smart water timer is for 2.4Ghz WiFi only.
  • WEATHER-BASED SMART WATERING: Our WiFi hose timer will automatically skip watering on rainy and snowy days based on the latest local forecasts. It is battery-powered so no need to plug in and it's portable and easy to take anywhere. You can also manually turn on a 24, 48, or 72-hour rain delay on these water timers. Our smart sprinkler controller can help you save up to 50% on your monthly water bill!
  • TIME-BASED AUTO WATERING: Our watering timers feature up to 3 watering plans and 2 watering modes: Irrigation Mode and Mist Mode. Each mode has a customizable start time, duration (1min-11h 59min), and watering frequency (Mon-Sun). In Irrigation Mode, it will run non-stop during watering. In Mist Mode, it will run 0-59 sec and intervals 1sec-15min 59sec during watering, specially designed for the misting system, summer outdoor cooling, and dust reduction. It's the ultimate sprinkler system timer!
  • TRACK THE FLOW, SAVE WATER: Our automatic sprinkler timer has a built-in water flow meter that measures gallons or liters and records water usage for nearly 10 days on a table, helping you keep track of your water consumption. With our timer watering system, you won't have to manually water your garden or lawn, allowing you to use that time for something else.
  • EXTENDED IRRIGATION SYSTEM: One WiFi hub can be paired with 4 single WiFi sprinkler timers. Moreover, one WiFi water valve can be paired with 1 WiFi soil sensor (not included). If you have a RainPoint WiFi soil sensor, you can set smart watering based on the soil moisture. With the ease of use, uncompromising functionality, and unparalleled convenience, you'll love our sprinkler hose timer!



Item Size

3.00 x 7.00 x 5.00 in

Working Pressure 0.5 bar-8 bar
Watering Temperature 0°C - 50°C
Water Flow 5 L/Min - 35 L/Min
Waterproof IPX4
Input (Hub) 90V-240V


1.1 lbs


Lime Green

Power Supply DC 1.5V x 4 AA batteries (not included)
Inlet 33.3mm (G1") standard hose thread with 26.5mm (G3/4") adapter
Outlet 26.5mm (G3/4") standard hose thread

Package Contains

  • 1 x ITV107WRF Water Timer
  • 1 x TWG004FRF Wifi Hub
  • 1 x User Manual 



Manual Download Here!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Donna DeAngelis

Because of the floods in VT I have not received the package to date. Awaiting delivery

Brian L
Sturdy and Effective

Great product. Very sturdy and functions nicely. Setup was not hard, but you need to read the instructions carefully. The app will guide you most of the way. The product did not leak when I turned the water on, so it did what it should. However, I discovered that my hose valve leaks when I have the water on. So if you have a leaky hose bib, you won’t be able to use this product unless you don’t mind the leak. All in all this product is a great way to irrigate without having to go outside!

Charles L
Rainpoint wifi water timers have taken me to next level of garden care!

I really love these Rainpoint smart wifi irrigation timers - right now I'm using 3 of them to control my lawn and garden irrigation (a 2-zone timer and now two 1-zone timers). I started using them this spring, and now that it's fall my garden is looking better than ever. Big pumpkins, juicy tomatoes, green landscape plants.

Before getting these I had to turn the irrigation on and off to the various garden areas manually. I'd often forget or just let it go too long between waterings. These allow me to set irrigation schedules that turn on and off automatically. I've been using them all summer, and they've yet to miss a beat.

It's all controlled through the smartphone app. The instructions suggest using the Rainpoint app, but this app is a spinoff of the Tuya Smart app, which I strongly suggest you use instead of the Rainpoint app. While setup with Tuya is a little less intuitive, it gives the ability to control by voice with Alexa which is nice to have. (Alexa, water my lawn!). The Rainpoint app is not recognized as an Alexa skill.

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