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BALDR Digital Time Projection Alarm Clock WWVB - Atomic Time Projector on Ceiling Wall with Orange Backlight, Calendar Temperature Display, Adjustable Brightness

Video Features BALDR's newest Atomic Backlit Projection Clock, with temperature & comfort level is essential to bedrooms or offices. Not only does it have the regular features you would expect to see, such as time, day, and temperature, but it...

Regular price $35.95 $29.95

BALDR Atomic Alarm Clock - Large Color Display Digital Desk Clock with Indoor Thermometer, Humidity Sensor, and Real-Time Moon Phases

Video Features Introducing BALDR's latest Atomic Alarm Clock, designed to enhance bedrooms and offices with its essential features. This color backlit clock not only displays the time, day, and temperature but also offers the convenience of an atomic RCC receiving...

Regular price $35.95 $34.95

Baldr Atomic Alarm Clock with Projection Display, Indoor and Outdoor Temperature, Humidity Meter, Weather Forecasting, and more

Video Features For the easiest time checks to suit a fast-paced lifestyle - we present the Baldr atomic alarm clock with a built-in time projector. One glance at the ceiling or the wall is all you need. The built-in projector...

Regular price $39.95 $34.95

BALDR Internet Time Synchronized Precision Clock - Smart Digital Alarm Clock, Wi-Fi Controlled via BALDR Weather Station Hub (Sold Separately)

Video Features Introducing the BALDR Internet Time Alarm Clock, a stylish and feature-packed addition to your space. With its seamless synchronization to internet time through the Baldr Weather Station Hub (sold separately), this clock offers unparalleled accuracy without the need...

Regular price $19.99 $16.95

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